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2019 PCA Convention Commemorative Paperweights

The 2019 PCA, Inc. Convention is offering three commemorative paperweights for purchase. (See photos below.) To order, please fill in the form below, and select which paperweight(s) you are interested in purchasing.

Note: Filling in and sending us this form is an essential part of ordering a convention paperweight. If we receive a check, credit card, or PayPal payment without this information, we will not necessarily know of changes in your contact information, and we may not record your selections correctly.

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Feather Combed Weight With
Apple Blossom by Chris Sherwin.
2 7/8" diameter.

Limited Edition of 30.

Spotted Butterfly Over Apple
Blossoms by Richard Loesel.
3 3/8" diameter.

Limited Edition of 20.

Small Cherry Spoke Millefiori by Damon MacNaught.
2 9/16" diameter.

Limited Edition of 15.


Chris Sherwin feather combed weight
$180.00 each
(limited edition of 30)

Richard Loesel spotted butterfly over apple blossoms
$570.00 each
(limited edition of 20)

Damon MacNaught small cherry spoke millefiori
$275.00 each
(limited edition of 15)

shipping charge — Paperweights will be shipped to the person and address entered above.
US destination: $15 per paperweight
international destination: $20 per paperweight
(Shipping amount will appear in box to the right once you have selected your country from the menu above, as well as at least one paperweight to ship.)

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